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Carry Bag
Carry bags are highly biodegradable bags, which can bear more pressure than plastic bags. These economical packaging & storage bags are provided with high tearing strength & moisture proof construction.
Nursery Bag
All kinds of plants and trees can be grown in nursery bags made from polyethylene. These are durable bags with vent holes for proper drainage and ventilation.
Biohazard Bag
The infectious medical waste, like bodily fluids, blood, etc., must be disposed in biohazard bags, not regular waste bags. The waste can also be generated during diagnosis and treatment.
Garbage Bag
Buy from us garbage bags made from plastic and used in all facilities for collecting solid waste. When used in bins, these bags prevent the bin from contact with the waste. Once filled, the bags can be wrapped up to minimize odour.
Aluminium Containers
Aluminium containers are highly demanded in food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging industries. The food stored in such containers can be frozen or can be heated in microwave or oven. These containers are supplied in different shapes and sizes.
Aluminium Foil
Aluminium foil is a preferred choice of material for packing food and pharmaceutical products. The foil is the safest packaging material that retains the properties of the products. When it comes to wrapping food, it creates a barrier between food and oxygen and thus maintains the temperature.
Biomedical Bags
Contaminated needles, scalpels, IV tubes, urine bags, blood bags, discarded linen, pharmaceutical waste and other biomedical waste generated in hospitals and clinics must be contained in biomedical bags, special bags for storing and transporting infectious waste.
Courier Bags
Make sure the courier reaches to the right receiver in an untampered condition by packing the items in the courier bags. Using the right bags for packing items can greatly improve your company’s reputation.
Grocery Bags
The grocery bags are useful for storing and carrying canned goods, fresh produce, frozen foods, health & beauty products, condiments and others grocery items. These bags are supplied to small to large retailers.

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